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Counselling approach

The central principal of my approach is the belief in the self-therapeutic capacity and wisdom of the client. It is a belief in life's nature to grow to fulfil it's potential. Each and every one of us can be motivated to be the best we can be; sometimes however this process can become blocked or distorted by things that have happened to us or by choices we have make in our lives. Difficulties can arise from unresolved experiences in our past, or sometimes from our present circumstances.

I work to create a relationship with you where you feel listened to and accepted and that you experience me as being real, open and genuine. This creates a place of safety for you to open up and explore the problems you have been experiencing. My approach  tends to focus on the person rather than the problem.

 My continuing professional development over the years has given me an eclectic style, bringing in ideas and approaches from a broad and diverse range of interests. At the moment I'm particularly immersed in working with dreams and I'm beginning to explore the use of  myths and folk/ fairy tales and how these ancient stories, passed down from generation after genaration, can sometimes have a place and a use in the therapeutic journey. I'm also interested in place where we come from, where we live now  the land beneath our feet and our connection to it. 



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