Durham Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling can be many things mostly it’s a safe place, a container. Like the cocoon a caterpillar  builds  around itself in which to break down and transform. The process would be impossible without the vessel inside which we can feel safe enough to experience the sometimes excruciating pain necessary to find ourselves and emerge freer and more authentic.

Connecting through a video link can allow you the freedom to experience therapy from the comfort of your own home or chosen safe place. It allows you more choice to continue therapy even if you are travelling for work or study. Sometimes people choose online or phone counselling appointments because it’s easier for them to access or fits with their lifestyle or working hours better. It also means they’re not restricted to finding a therapist who is based near them.

Online counselling is carried out via secure and encrypted web platforms. Just like phone counselling you'll need a private space to have the conversation.

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